Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Printer Be Working

Good news! I got my printer up and running again.  I also purchased some matte photo paper. As nice as glossy paper looks, when you are scrapbooking I find it impossible to work with.  It takes forever to dry, if it does at all.  Most of the times your pictures end up sticky, meaning any kind of dust particles in the air (and in my apartment there are many) sticks into the pictures and makes them look dirty.

Anyway, remember that time I told you I went to Germany? Yea, that really happened, I swear.  I'm finally getting around to doing something with the pictures too.  I've yet to think of a page for the big picture printed on fabric paper but there's plenty more to work with.  I decided to start with the zoo pictures:

Yes that's glitter paper in the background. My hands, coffee table, dining room table, couch, scanner and printer are now permanently glittered. Glitter lives forever. I felt like there was something missing from this page but usually when I have those feelings I end up overdoing I left it alone.  In the corner is the actual ticket to the zoo. I love that it had a picture of a giraffe on it, especially because all of my giraffe pics kind of sucked.  

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