Monday, November 28, 2011

Scrapbook London Day 2 - Bath


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Today is the last day for leftovers, so I'm gonna get on that later.  Surprisingly, last night I came back from my parent's house and still had enough energy to make a scrapbook page. 

Another double page layout for my trip. On the second day, after Stonehenge, we went to the Bath.  We toured the Roman baths and walked around the city.  The city was beautiful, I didn't believe people really lived there. 

I want to get better at embellishments. Most of my layouts just involve patterned paper, which gets pretty boring.  This layout is no different. This is the first time I'm really busting out an album all at once. Usually it takes me a year to complete a scrapbook and I do like 1 page a month. Hopefully all this practice will take my layouts to the next level. 

A close up of each page (it's kind of hard to see because the lighting in my apartment is so yellow. I try to fix the colors in photoshop but it doesn't work out well):

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

London Day 2: Stonehenge Scrapbooking

I'm kind of disappointed in the scrapbooking pages I did last night. I knew I wanted to make a double page layout, but I'm still getting used to the 12x12 size. I still am not printing out the pictures in the right size for the page.  The big picture on this page should've been printed bigger. The page to me feels like it's missing something. The colors don't look as good together as I originally thought.  Either way, I'm still going to keep it.  In a few weeks I might look back and be like...this page isn't that bad.

I was really excited to see Stonehenge, so I guess that's why I'm more disappointed in this page. I did save the brochure from the place and used the map on it as part of the layout.  I do like that aspect. I feel like as I make more of these vacation pages, I need to start using more embellishments and measuring my pictures better. Live and learn.

Monday, November 21, 2011

London Day 1: Scrapbooking with Ribbon

I slacked off on scrapbooking last week, mostly because I was out almost every night during the week.  Very unlike me.  I had to fight off my laziness to scrapbook yesterday. All I wanted to do was lie on the couch. I think it's the weather....or the lack of sleep. Probably the lack of sleep, although this morning I got a good 7 hours of sleep and I still did not want to get out of bed in the rain.  It's funny how a rainy day can totally bring you down. 

Anyway, still scrapbooking the first day of my trip.  I used ribbon strips ast he background for the pictures. I finished two of my ribbon spools.  Actually kind of happy about that. I like using up my gives me an excuse to buy more. I definitely need to raid the $1 ribbon bin at Michael's next time I go.

Hey look, there's my finger at the bottom. Ha. Still trying to perfect the art of taking pictures of my scrapbook pages.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Page, Bad Picture

I originally wanted to finish my London/Paris scrapbook by Thanksgiving, but I apparently have no sense of time...Thanksgiving is next week!  There's no way I'm finishing this by then, especially because I'm surprisingly busy this week. When did I get a social life?

Anyway, I'm only on day 1 of my weeklong trip.  I'm still not used to scrapping in 12x12, so I always forget I can print pictures large and still have room on the page. I printed the main pic of this page as a 5x7.  The three little ones were wallet size. I used a tag punch.  I like this page, but the picture I took of it is awful, so I don't even know if you'll be able to see it well.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Trip Introduction

Sticking to my word and actually scrapping my vacation photos right away. First step, a nice intro page to my vacation scrapbook.  I wanted to capture both cities, so I used the maps they gave us as the background.  I actually felt a little guilty cutting up the maps.  They aren't nice maps, they are from bus tour companies but I don't know. It's the same feeling I get when I throw out books...I never throw out books but we had to do it recently after hurricane Irene ruined flooded my parents basement.  Even though the books were covered in mold it still felt weird to throw them out (although trash pickers soon came by and took a lot of them, mold doesn't scare them).

Anyway, we took a group shot outside of the Eiffel Tower and I bought the souvineer photo.  I scanned it in my computer and shrunk it down to 4x6. It's the only shot I have of the entire group. It's so hard to get group shots these days because as soon as you ask someone to take a picture of you, everyone else hands their cameras and says "me too!". Then I just feel bad for the person who agreed to take the picture.  Good thing I can steal everyone else's pictures on Facebook.

I'm so chatty tonight! Here is the finished product:

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Best Shots: Back from Vacation!

Back from vacation! Kind of sad, kind of happy. I was so excited to get back into my big comfy bed....not so happy to go back to work.  Thinking of work as a means to my next vacation is keeping me motivated though.  So many pictures! My facebook friends saw about 200 of them (there's actually 100 more than I didn't post).  It's hard to pic the best ones for this blog, but I'll just give a sampling that sums up most of my vacation:

 Only 4 this time around (it takes so long for blogger - or is it my computer, I don't know to load pictures, and I don't have much patience).  The first is Stonehenge, the next Big Ben, the third the Eiffel Tower and the last are locks of love on a bridge in Paris.  

I already went to Michael's to get an album for these pictures. I'm going to start scrapping them right away as opposed to my usual protocal of waiting until a year or two later...then forgetting what some of the pictures are.  Ah, organization..let's hope.