Monday, November 7, 2011

My Best Shots: Back from Vacation!

Back from vacation! Kind of sad, kind of happy. I was so excited to get back into my big comfy bed....not so happy to go back to work.  Thinking of work as a means to my next vacation is keeping me motivated though.  So many pictures! My facebook friends saw about 200 of them (there's actually 100 more than I didn't post).  It's hard to pic the best ones for this blog, but I'll just give a sampling that sums up most of my vacation:

 Only 4 this time around (it takes so long for blogger - or is it my computer, I don't know to load pictures, and I don't have much patience).  The first is Stonehenge, the next Big Ben, the third the Eiffel Tower and the last are locks of love on a bridge in Paris.  

I already went to Michael's to get an album for these pictures. I'm going to start scrapping them right away as opposed to my usual protocal of waiting until a year or two later...then forgetting what some of the pictures are.  Ah, organization..let's hope.

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