Tuesday, November 22, 2011

London Day 2: Stonehenge Scrapbooking

I'm kind of disappointed in the scrapbooking pages I did last night. I knew I wanted to make a double page layout, but I'm still getting used to the 12x12 size. I still am not printing out the pictures in the right size for the page.  The big picture on this page should've been printed bigger. The page to me feels like it's missing something. The colors don't look as good together as I originally thought.  Either way, I'm still going to keep it.  In a few weeks I might look back and be like...this page isn't that bad.

I was really excited to see Stonehenge, so I guess that's why I'm more disappointed in this page. I did save the brochure from the place and used the map on it as part of the layout.  I do like that aspect. I feel like as I make more of these vacation pages, I need to start using more embellishments and measuring my pictures better. Live and learn.

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