Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's Big Ben Again Kids

I actually scrapped two pages tonight. Not the greatest idea. After the second one, I tried to keep the motivation going and it ended up being a disaster. I couldn't expand the posts on an expandable post album. Then I lost one of the posts, resulting in a frustrating search of my apartment, including shining a flash light under the couch --NEVER shine a flashlight under the couch, it's DISGUSTING.  After almost throwing the album across the room I decided to switch it with another. After all the work of unscrewing the posts and screwing them back in, I turned around and found the missing post on the couch.  So then I had to switch everything back.  Now I'm exhausted and can't wait to go to bed. 

Finishing this album by Christmas is not looking too promising. I'm going home on Friday, leaving me only two days to finish all of my Paris photos. Plus, I'm going out tomorrow night so really I have one night to finish. I'll just finish as much as I can. Mostly my fault..all my lazy days.

Anyway, I scrapped this page of Big Ben the other day. I kept it simple, using some of my London themed stickers.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

One week before Christmas. I wanted so badly to finish my vacation album before Christmas but I'm still scrapping London!!  I'm going to try to power through but I don't want to compromise the album just to get it done by the holidays. I did do 3 pages in the past 2 days and I actually really like all of them. I'll just go through one of them now. We'll spread it out so I have something to write about during the holidays when I'm visiting the parentals.

The first one is a two page layout about the Tower of London. I had so many pictures from the Tower but I didn't want to spread it out over more than 2 pages. So I made a photo collage, and printed my favorite picture at 6x4.  I scrapbooked really organically (I don't really know if that's a saying) but I basically did this really freely. No planning, no thinking, no rearranging. It actually turned out to be my favorite two page layout I've done in a while. Fun fact, the background of this page comes from a book of halloween themed paper.  Although these photos were taken on Halloween Day, I didn't want it to be too themed.  I bought the paper for 70% off after Halloween. After a holiday is the best time to pick up scrapbook supplies.  A lot of the halloween paper is just orange, black, green and purple designs - not halloween themed at all. This one actually has skeletons on it but I thought it went well with the Tower of London, considering people were killed and tortured here..oh yea and it houses the crown jewels.

I should've taken this pic more head on but you can get the general idea of the page. I am getting a little bit better at taking the pictures of the pages, right?

Monday, December 12, 2011

London Day 3: Sightseeing!

Finally got back around to scrapbooking. I'm feeling surprisingly motivated tonight. I am also satisfied with the page I made...very rare indeed.

I always save everything everywhere I go - brochures, tickets, etc.  Sometimes I end up throwing them out a year or so later but I really want to use everything I saved in this vacation scrapbook.  Two of the things I saved from my trip were the London Tube pass and the Tube map. It went perfect in this layout. I used the most touristy picture I had - me in the big red telephone booth - and made that the focus of the entire layout. No other photos went with this one so to finish the page I used the tube pass and map.  It went perfectly since day 3 was the beginning of our site seeing.

I saw the ripped paper effect in a scrapbooking book and I've been wanting to try it. I embellished the side with ribbon and was able to sneak in some of my London themed embellishments. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

London Day 2, After a Hiatus

Sorry I haven't written in a little bit...not really sure who I'm apolgozing too. I guess mostly myself..no one else is reading this...but I am disappointed in myself for not being more creative in the past week and half. In all honesty the number one reason I haven't been scrapbooking or doing much of anything is not because I was extremely tired or hungover or lazy (though those all were contributing factors).  No, it was because I was cold. So so cold. Last week the heat would not go on in my apartment. I don't pay for the heat so I try not to complain but I was sitting on my couch in fleece pajamas, a robe and a furry blanket and still shivering.  There were days when I didn't want to shower because the thought of taking off my clothes sent shivers down my spine.  On Friday night, however, I smelled the delicious smell of burning and knew my heat finally kicked in.  It's so nice in here now, so it's time to begin again.

That was a long intro, huh?  For once, I am actually satisfied with the page I made tonight.  I like the collage element of it and I used 3-D dots to give it a little more dimension. 

Look at this, I'm also getting better at taking pictures of my work! Progress.