Wednesday, December 7, 2011

London Day 2, After a Hiatus

Sorry I haven't written in a little bit...not really sure who I'm apolgozing too. I guess mostly one else is reading this...but I am disappointed in myself for not being more creative in the past week and half. In all honesty the number one reason I haven't been scrapbooking or doing much of anything is not because I was extremely tired or hungover or lazy (though those all were contributing factors).  No, it was because I was cold. So so cold. Last week the heat would not go on in my apartment. I don't pay for the heat so I try not to complain but I was sitting on my couch in fleece pajamas, a robe and a furry blanket and still shivering.  There were days when I didn't want to shower because the thought of taking off my clothes sent shivers down my spine.  On Friday night, however, I smelled the delicious smell of burning and knew my heat finally kicked in.  It's so nice in here now, so it's time to begin again.

That was a long intro, huh?  For once, I am actually satisfied with the page I made tonight.  I like the collage element of it and I used 3-D dots to give it a little more dimension. 

Look at this, I'm also getting better at taking pictures of my work! Progress. 

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