Monday, December 19, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

One week before Christmas. I wanted so badly to finish my vacation album before Christmas but I'm still scrapping London!!  I'm going to try to power through but I don't want to compromise the album just to get it done by the holidays. I did do 3 pages in the past 2 days and I actually really like all of them. I'll just go through one of them now. We'll spread it out so I have something to write about during the holidays when I'm visiting the parentals.

The first one is a two page layout about the Tower of London. I had so many pictures from the Tower but I didn't want to spread it out over more than 2 pages. So I made a photo collage, and printed my favorite picture at 6x4.  I scrapbooked really organically (I don't really know if that's a saying) but I basically did this really freely. No planning, no thinking, no rearranging. It actually turned out to be my favorite two page layout I've done in a while. Fun fact, the background of this page comes from a book of halloween themed paper.  Although these photos were taken on Halloween Day, I didn't want it to be too themed.  I bought the paper for 70% off after Halloween. After a holiday is the best time to pick up scrapbook supplies.  A lot of the halloween paper is just orange, black, green and purple designs - not halloween themed at all. This one actually has skeletons on it but I thought it went well with the Tower of London, considering people were killed and tortured here..oh yea and it houses the crown jewels.

I should've taken this pic more head on but you can get the general idea of the page. I am getting a little bit better at taking the pictures of the pages, right?

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