Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's Big Ben Again Kids

I actually scrapped two pages tonight. Not the greatest idea. After the second one, I tried to keep the motivation going and it ended up being a disaster. I couldn't expand the posts on an expandable post album. Then I lost one of the posts, resulting in a frustrating search of my apartment, including shining a flash light under the couch --NEVER shine a flashlight under the couch, it's DISGUSTING.  After almost throwing the album across the room I decided to switch it with another. After all the work of unscrewing the posts and screwing them back in, I turned around and found the missing post on the couch.  So then I had to switch everything back.  Now I'm exhausted and can't wait to go to bed. 

Finishing this album by Christmas is not looking too promising. I'm going home on Friday, leaving me only two days to finish all of my Paris photos. Plus, I'm going out tomorrow night so really I have one night to finish. I'll just finish as much as I can. Mostly my fault..all my lazy days.

Anyway, I scrapped this page of Big Ben the other day. I kept it simple, using some of my London themed stickers.

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