Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2012 reader(s)!  I love the start of a new year.

Good news, I was able to finish my vacation scrapbook just in time for the holidays. It feels good going into a new year with no unfinished albums. I will be sharing the rest of the pages in future entries. 

I haven't completed my resolutions list yet, it's always a large list. Every year I like to think I can become a new person. It never really works that way but I think it's important to keep trying to improve yourself. I originally had a resolution to do a "project life" style scrapbook for the year. For all the non scrappers reading this (basically all my readers) the project life scrapbook is a simple way to keep scrap every day events in your life by using a binder and different sized page pockets to just stick things in the book rather than planning out complicated scrap pages for every thing.  (see it here:  I looked into buying the project life kit but instead decided I could make my own...

So I went to Michael's, the most poorly stocked  craft store there is, and picked up a binder and some page pockets but just as I was about to pay, I saw this display for a smash book.  It's a sprial book, filled with different patterned pages and it comes with a glue-pen (one side is a pen and one side is a glue stick). It was exactly what I I bought two of them. (see it here:

I'm so excited to start gluing stuff in...I was going to start with some New Year's Eve pics but unfortunately my printer ran out of ink (all the last minute vacation album printing). So once I pick up some ink tomorrow I'll be in business.

Another resolution? Write in this blog more consistently...

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