Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scrapbook Page: France - Moulin Rouge

Sad news, my favorite photo editing site picnik is shutting down in April.  Since I lost photoshop when my last computer kicked the bucket, I've been using the site to do simple edits to photos..especially all my scrapbook photos (I try to counteract some of the yellow lighting from my apartment).  I'll have to search for another free site.

I've been really focused on my smash book lately. I'm trying to find at least 1 thing from each day to put in there - whether it's a cut out from a newspaper/magazine or just a quote I heard or was thinking about that day.  I don't have a page ready yet to share with you so instead we'll continue on with my vacation. My next vacation is to New Orleans in March, so I need to share all these pages before then. I'm thinking of doing a mini album for my New Orleans page...Last time I went large, using the 12x12 size paper, now I want to go small.

This page is from our trip to the Moulin Rouge. You weren't allowed to take photos inside of course, but I have one picture from the outside and one picture of us at the bar beforehand.  I did take the playbill of sorts from the theater. I wish I took better pictures of this page for you..but..I didn't..

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