Monday, January 16, 2012

The Weekly Smashup: I heart NY

Time to share my weekly smash book entry. This week wasn't too full of excitement so there's only a one page entry.  This week my former boss had a goodbye party because she decided to move back down south.  The party was appropriately at a southern themed bar -one of the reasons to love New York so much- there's a bar for every kind of person or theme.  I never understand why people leave. I love New York so much. I get New York magazine, Time Out New York, the New York times, I watch NY1 and if someone says they are thinking of moving my first question is always "why?".

With that in mind, this week's smash page was devoted to NY. I'm probably going to add some more to this page as I find New York themed pictures/stickers, etc. Oddly enough, US weekly happened to have a "25 celebrities who grew up in Manhattan" feature so it went in perfectly.  I also got a new ipod and put the random apple sticker that comes with it in there (big apple - get it..also everyone in NY has an ipod so its duel purpose). 

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