Sunday, January 8, 2012

Smash Book Update Jan Wk 1

I'm trying to update my smash book at least once a week. Unfortunately by this morning, the only thing I had from this week was a fortune from a fortune cookie from Saturday night Chinese dinner. I don't even like Chinese food so that was kind of disappointing. However, this morning I made my way to the store to get the paper (ps. I added a resolution: to leave my apartment at least once a day every day). I picked up the ridiculously expensive Sunday NY Times and read it cover to cover and was totally moved by one personal essay about a single woman living alone. Instead of it being all about feeling lonely and isolated it was about how much she loved being single and being alone. It also pointed out that single woman do better living on their own than single men do. I loved it as I do live alone, I am single and I love it..but when you tell people that they think it sounds sad. I cut out the image from the article and one quote and smashed it in.  Now I'm satisfied with this week in my book.

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