Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Smashup: Quotes and Horoscopes

I should start taking pictures again. I took my camera out the other day and totally forgot that it was in my bag.  Oops.  At least with the smash book I still have stuff to post about.

This week was "makeover" week for me.  I got a haircut, my eyebrows done, dyed my hair, finally shaved my legs (no judgement - it's winter).  I needed a little boost because I was down in the dumps..and it worked!  I didn't take any before/after pictures of myself, I still look the same but it did remind me of a quote from Clueless, "Cher's main thrill in life is a makeover. It gives her meaning in a world full of chaos". I wrote it down on the smash quote pad and pasted it in there, along with some other great sayings/quotes from newspapers and magazines. One was a horoscope that made me laugh because it said at  the end "hot chocolate might be nice" (it was nice by the way).  Another is from an article about the internet protest from that anti-piracy law that was on the Senate floor, that said "we will fight for our right to rick roll". All things that made me smile a bit this week.

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