Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Smashup: GIANTS!!

Superbowl Sunday woo! I obviously did not have time to post my regular Sunday smashup because of all the superbowl festivities.  I'm so incredibly happy that the Giants won. My first page that I pasted in was from Wednesday. I painted the Giants logo on my nails, mostly to taunt a Patriots fan in the office.  You can also see the hint of a fortune from a fortune cookie there. It said "Good Luck comes from careful planning". I covered it up so it just said "Good luck".  The next pages in the Smash book say fabulous in big letters. I didn't want to cover it up but it went perfectly with the article about the Giants winning the Superbowl.  Later this week I'm going to do a little Polar Bears spread since yesterday was also the annual Polar Bear jump.  So stay tuned for that..

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