Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Smashup: Tickets and Wants

Right now my neighbors probably think I'm having a football party but in reality it is only me in here yelling at my television.  Championship games are intense. To relax myself I worked on my smashbook. 

This week I went to the movies to see "Carnage" (eh) and to see a broadway show, "Sister Act" (excellent).  I randomly had a bunch of theater stickers lying around that I finally used in this little smash page.  I also had a pile of fashion magazines to go through.  One of my favorite things to do is cut out images of stuff that I like (and absolutely can not afford) and paste it into a book. I like to think I'm channeling the power of the Secret. Maybe the $4000 dress will magically appear in my closet..afterall that is what the Secret says right? If you think about it hard enough, you'll get it.  If I watch Charlie Chaplin movies I can cure cancer. Something like that...

Page 1:
I actually scanned these in so they are easy to see. Also I was too lazy to load pictures onto my computer (I have a game to watch afterall..a really really nerve-wracking game).

Page 2

Those "want it", "love it" stickers are part of the Smash book collection. It's actually a roll of tape with different saying like that. I'll probably use them everytime I cut items out of magazines. 

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