Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Trip Introduction

Sticking to my word and actually scrapping my vacation photos right away. First step, a nice intro page to my vacation scrapbook.  I wanted to capture both cities, so I used the maps they gave us as the background.  I actually felt a little guilty cutting up the maps.  They aren't nice maps, they are from bus tour companies but I don't know. It's the same feeling I get when I throw out books...I never throw out books but we had to do it recently after hurricane Irene ruined flooded my parents basement.  Even though the books were covered in mold it still felt weird to throw them out (although trash pickers soon came by and took a lot of them, mold doesn't scare them).

Anyway, we took a group shot outside of the Eiffel Tower and I bought the souvineer photo.  I scanned it in my computer and shrunk it down to 4x6. It's the only shot I have of the entire group. It's so hard to get group shots these days because as soon as you ask someone to take a picture of you, everyone else hands their cameras and says "me too!". Then I just feel bad for the person who agreed to take the picture.  Good thing I can steal everyone else's pictures on Facebook.

I'm so chatty tonight! Here is the finished product:

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