Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trials and Tribulations or Figuring out my Camera

I really want to start writing in this blog more regularly.  Seriously, I do.  Unfortunately, most days I don't have much to write about...like tonight for example.  Mostly because in the 1 hour since I've been home I've already had a series of disasterous events.

First I thought I'd blog about learning to make Cuban rice and beans. I make rice and beans often because it's cheap and fast: cook rice, heat beans, combine. But this easy cooking isn't necessarily improving my culinary skills so I used a different recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  Disaster #1.  I ended up burning the peppers and onions after getting distracted by how awesome I was doing at Jeopardy.

Then I thought, this doesn't look too bad, maybe I can take a picture of it with my new camera.  A fancy food picture where the front is sharp but the background is blurry.  Disaster #2.  I have absolutely no idea how to work my camera.  Everything turns out blurry.  I can't get the camera to focus on anything, I don't know what any of the buttons do and now I just have the camera sitting on my coffee table for decoration.  Luckily I have an amazing book called Better Photo Basics that I will be devouring tonight. I also bought a living social thing for a photography class.

So I was like..ok no food entry that's cool. I'll do some scrapbooking tonight.  Disaster #3. I can't get my printer to print pictures without vertical lines through them. I can't even get my printer to print a test page to see if the ink is misaligned. 

So that will be my assignments for tonight.  Get all my electronic equipment working.  Hopefully this will lead to better entries in the future.

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