Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smashup Sunday

Even though I say it almost every entry (probably the reason no one reads this), I really need to start motivating myself to be creative more.  Granted this week I do have excuses. I was out most of the week trying to erase a guy from my memory using an unreasonable amount of alcohol (didn't work in case you were wondering).  Tonight I decided to jumpstart a bit by doing a Smash book page.  I really need to finish my New Orleans scrapbook as well...Alaska is like 3 weeks away (wooooo).  I can't be doubled up on the scrapping, then it really will never get done.  Focusing on this may also be a way to make myself feel better. I've been a bit down this week for reasons mentioned earlier.

Anyway, here is my page..just a bunch of things ripped out of magazines that I really liked.

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