Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Entry for Those who Love Rambling

I often want to make scrapbook pages about people who I love and make my life better but aren't necessarily my family or friends.  I love my family and friends, but they are becoming the Jane Lynch of my scrapbooking.....they are in every single one of my layouts and the subject of everybody's layouts (for those of you none tv watchers not getting the reference first off maybe you should stop reading this blog but also, Jane Lynch has been a guest star on every single TV show made in the last decade or so...IMDB it..seriously). 

Anyway, as I often do, I did a little dranking tonight so I didn't create anything new. I was, however, thinking of things that make my life awesome. Things that would be really amusing to scrapbook....

1. The lady who threads my eyebrows in less than a minute - My eyebrows are one of those things that always embarrassed me when I was younger...along with the fact that I had braces, coke-bottle glasses, bad acne and frizzy hair (and I memorized the Ugly Duckling fairy tale).  I didn't have a uni-brow, but they grow in all funny and curly and there's some weird sparse spots (to which the lady always asks, how'd you get that scar?..I make up a new story everytime, I wonder if she notices...maybe she just likes to hear my imagination run wild). I convinced myself that they could never be fixed until I walked into the threading salon for the first time and my life changed.

2. The Stuffed Dog I Sleep With Every Night - Most people see the adorable floppy creature on my bed and think he holds some kind of sentimental value--a gift from an ex bf, my childhood toy that I carried around everywhere, a gift from my grandmother who has since passed on....but no.  I bought him at a King Kullen at 1AM on a Saturday night (also how I pick up most of the men I date...jk..not really I am). 

3. The lady who does my laundry who still can't pronounce my name - I hate hate hate hate hate doing laundry so it was awesome when I moved to an apartment, with a drop off service downstairs.  The only problem, although not really a problem so much as amusing, the lady who does my laundry can not pronounce nor spell my name.  I always thought Heather was one of the easiest names but I was wrong. She usually pronounces it Heter, and it's been spelled on my receipt, Heter, Harter, Heda and at one point Heartehr.

4. Wireless Internet  - I work for an internet company and wireless still surprises me.  Right now I'm writing this entry from my bedroom, something I never do (partly because there's no TV in here and partly because it takes too long to untangle the plug from beneath the desk..I'm the Van Gogh of laziness).  It always amazes me that my wireless works in my bedroom because the wireless router is so far away from me...behind WALLS.  How does it work through WALLS.  I don't know. It's magic.

5. Facebook..Yes I would love to do a scrapbook layout about facebook. People can make fun of me or it all they want but if it wasn't for Facebook, I probably wouldn't be in touch with anybody from high school or college, I wouldn't know what my ex boyfriend is doing at every moment in the day and I wouldn't be able to see pictures of my friend's cousin's friend's boyfriend's sister's wedding.

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