Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stick em up

There are probably many many many embellishment tricks I can learn for scrapbooking but my favorite way to embellish is good old fashion stickers.  Sure I want to learn how to heat emboss things or use chalk to make paper look aged but stickers are easy...and fun..and Michael's has 4 aisles of them.  I'm pretty sure I black out slightly when I purchase stickers. I find ones in my sticker basket all the time that I have absolutely no recollection of purchasing.  Did I mention my sticker basket is a magazine holder overstuffed with disorganization. I began to work on my birthday layout tonight but I couldn't find what I was looking for so I dumped the entire thing on my coffee table.
Ack! Looks like I now have some organizing to do....birthday layout will have to wait another day...or two..tomorrow is St. Patrick's day afterall. I try not to scrapbook when I'm drunk although it could be an interesting I'd probably end up slicing my finger off. Also can someone tell me what the deal is with seems like it really really wants to be in times new roman font, if I leave it alone for one minute it switches back.  You will be Arial damn it!  Ok..time to clean up the sticker mess that I created for myself, if I don't get distracted by Criminal Minds first...oops too late!

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