Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bind it None

So tonight I decided to learn how to use the bind-it-all machine so I can begin working on my secret mini album.  I thought..because the words on the box were so promising..that it would be really really easy. The box lied. 

I wish my camera phone worked properly so I could show you the disaster pile I accumulated before I got the hang of it (or kind of got the hang of it).  It took at least 10 tries to finally get the holes to line up correctly.  Then I thought I could do all pages at once, as falsely advertised to me, but not all pages I had to punch holes two by two (hoping that in the end the holes will all line up).   When the frustration of punching holes was complete I tried to attach the "o-wire" (immature me kept laughing at that name). Six tries later, I could not get the O-wire to make an actual O.  After much internet research I realized the owires I bought are too big.  So I ordered smaller ones on Amazon.  Luckily I can start working on the album without binding it.

The whole deal left me not only frustrated but completely exhausted. So now I'm just going to sit down and watch Extreme Couponing. 

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