Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life Unbalanced

I apologize for being a terrible blogger or maybe just bad at life? Actually, life is pretty good.  I've been so busy and I'm never busy.  I've been going out every weekend, a few days during the week, staying out until 5am, spending Sundays in my pajamas.  It's like I'm back in college all over again, except I thankfully don't have to write any papers while nursing a vicious hangover.  I knew dying my hair brown would get my mojo back. 

The only problem with an active social life is other parts of my life suffer...like my finances and my two faithful blog readers.  There's no scrapping going on around here.  I didn't even play with my new camera yet ack!! 

Well after I finally catch up on much needed sleep, I have two goals.  One is to learn how to use my new camera and two is to learn how to use the awesome machine pictured below.

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It's a bind-it-all! As the name suggests it binds...it..all.  I need to learn how to use it so I can make the secret mini album that's in my head but not quite yet on paper.

That's all the updates for now. I promise my next entries will be funnier and peppier.  I actually can't make those kinds of promises...

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