Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Eyes Hurt

The title of this entry has nothing to do with the entry.  I just thought I'd state a fact. My eyes do indeed hurt.  They are incredibly dry.  It feels like my contact slipped but I don't wear contacts anymore (yay lasik). Driving me crazy.

Today I read my horoscope on my phone and it told me all my relationships will be shallow and short-lived.  It also warned me to be careful what I eat otherwise I'll get intestinal pains.  I didn't know all pisces in the world suffered from IBS.  Whatever, horoscope, I defied your logic and ate chili tonight.  I threw out so much unused (and rotten) food last week. I really wanted to get better at using all of my leftovers.  So tonight I had some leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge..I put the chili on top of it and it was like eating a delicous shepard's pie.  I saved some for lunch tomorrow and froze the rest.  Waste not want not as my dad always says. I still don't really get that saying.

On a completely unrelated note, I finally mastered the bind-it-all.  Actually not really mastered, more like slightly conquered.  The worst part of the machine is that it doesn't come with the owires required to do the actual binding....so in reality it's just a giant pink hole puncher.  The project I'm working on is still slightly secretive, but here's a little glimpse of the binding magic:

And here's a little glimpse of the inside...just because I was really happy I made the base of this patterned page out of ribbon:

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