Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cabin Fever

You probably think that being stuck inside during a hurricane is the perfect time to catch up on scrapbooking. You would be right, but that's not what I did with my forced quiet time. My parents, who live on the beach, were supposed to evacuate to my apartment but chose not the entire night I worried that trees and water were going to come rushing into their house. I spent the night switching between movies and hurricane coverage and slept (quite comfortably actually) on my couch. Luckily this morning, even though my parents were without power, they were safe. The hurricane was thankfully not as bad as forecasted. The funny part is, if I wasn't worried about my parents and watching the news intensely, it's possible I wouldn't even know a hurricane was going on outside. My apartment is eerily quiet and the damage in my neighborhood was negligable. When I peeked outside this morning, a lot of stores/restuarants/bakeries were open and people were walking around like it was a regular Sunday.

Anyway, I'm staying inside just to stay safe. Plus the MTA is down so I don't really have anywhere I can go.  Here are some of my adventures from the day:

Because I feel like I've been on a super powered junkfood binge, I made a healthy tuna salad for lunch:

To get my mind off of coastal flooding, I made some friendship bracelets:

Then I caught up on my astronomical amount of magazine subscriptions:

I know you are jealous of my exciting life.  I need to practice my photography skills more and these are the only things I did all day (besides watching a ridiculous amount of family feud and playing The Sims on my computer - yes it's always the year 2000 in my apartment).

Until next time readers.

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