Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Rice Ball Failure Dinner

I attempted to make fried rice balls tonight, but it was the worst cooking disaster.  Looking back, I should've made the rice in the morning and refridgerated it so that it was dryer and stickier.  I cooked the rice tonight and it was slimy and it did not want to be in a ball. Everytime I tried to roll it, it just slid right out of my hands...and it was slimey and it was gross.  After a little while of trying, I just threw the rice out and dug through the cabinets for a dinner replacement and came up with the "rice ball failure dinner."

Basically, I cooked some pasta (I had a half a box of elbow pasta in the cabinet), then drained it and ran cold water over it.  Then I found some tuna and leftover white beans from pasta I made last week, cut up some vegetables and threw it all together with olive oil and red wine vinager.  It was good, but I was so disappointed in the rice balls that I didn't really have a taste for it. I have so much of it though, so it'll last a few lunches.  Saving money again.

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