Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris Hilton Scrapbooks

I wasn't in the mood for scrapbooking or anything creative tonight.  I got a really shitty sleep last night and work drove me to drink tonight so my brain is a little foggy right now. 

I was browsing on the internet for something to post on here instead, and I found this really funny thing:
Apparently Paris Hilton made a scrapbook kit in the year 2009 and I never knew about it! From various internet searches, it seems to only be available on 

Here are some pictures I found from the internet of people using the kit:

The paper is actually kind of cute.  I also rather enjoy the idea of someone who seems as snobby and clueless as Paris Hilton taking time out of her day to do some scrapbooking.  I actually don't think she's as bad as she puts on.  She doesn't seem as annoying as Lindsay Lohan. I imagine that if Miss Lohan did scrapbook, it would be pictures of movies she thinks she was in like Black Swan and photoshopped pictures of her with A-list celebrities. She'd also snort lines of coke off of it. Maybe she'd even paste in copies of some of her court subpoena's.  Wow, sorry..tangent much.  Anyway, time to watch some TV.

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