Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cooking Sunday: Tortilla Chips

I know what you are thinking..hasn't she shown us a picture of nachos before? Is she obsessed with nachos? The answer to that question is, yes I am. Very obsessed..but really I am showing this picture because not only did I make nachos, I also made the tortilla chips!  Lately, I've been (trying) to put myself on a strict budget since I recently booked a trip to London and Paris in October (yay).  I've been trying to not waste any food, not purchase lunches, not go to Michael' get the picture.  I bought tortillas last week because I wanted to make burittos, but the problem is that I only ever use 2 tortillas, and then end up throwing the rest out.  This time, I cut them up, brushed with oil and salt and baked them in the oven.  They were delicious..and probably healthier than tostitos.

I cleaned my entire apartment today, including organizing my scrapbook supplies.  I needed to throw out scraps of paper that I save and stickers/embellishments I know I'll never use (like stickers that say "school photo" on them).  This sounds like it's against my new philosophy of saving money by not wasting things but it's not. Getting rid of these items, allows me to only have items I know I'll use...that way I don't needlessly buy extra supplies.  I also do not have that much space in my apartment.

Finally, I also cut off a lot of my hair on Friday.  I desperately needed a haircut. Originally I was just going to get the dead ends cut off, and my angle/layers touched up but then I figured, I don't want to pay for another haircut for a while so..why not. My hair grows ridiculously fast anyway. I went to a salon across the street from me, a $25 haircut.  It's just below my shoulders now (it was halfway down my back).  I miss my long hair, but it's much more comfortable in this summer heat.
Anyway, that's what's been going on this week.  Hopefully I'll have the creative juices flowing this week.

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