Thursday, July 7, 2011

Accomplishments Feel Good

The other night, as I previously wrote about, I started making friendship bracelets.  When I first started, thinking I could totally remember things from when I was 8 years old, I jumped right into the hardest pattern in my book (the book is also from when I was 8).  The result looked like a 2 year old's arts & crafts project.  Actually, a 2 year old is probably more skilled.  I was so frustrated I almost just gave up on the entire endeavor.  It's what I'm used to doing. As soon as I can't figure out something, that's it. I blame the pattern, I blame my stupidity, I waste embroidery floss, the whole deal. 

Tonight, I changed that behavior.  Instead of getting frustrated by the pattern, I relearned all the knots and the confusing symbols in the book and slowly worked through it step by step.  The top of my bracelet came out a little janky but as I went on the pattern began to look exactly like the book.  I was so excited.8 year old me would be so proud.  Unfortunately, one bad habit still stuck with me...I never finished the bracelet. It took 2 hours to get halfway and by that time my back was killing me from hunching over my coffee table. Perhaps I'll finish it tomorrow..or not. In this case finishing does not matter to me, the fact that I was able to learn the pattern after messing up so many times is what's important.

Time to rest my weary excited that it's Friday already tomorrow! Another trip to my parents this weekend, maybe another venture into crafts from the past? We'll see.

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