Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Speed Scrapping

I'm on such a roll with scrapbooking. I might actually catch up to present day. I've never been caught up, hence the reason many of my scrapbooks end up unfinished. I hate the word hence. I don't know why I just used it.  I also hate the word "digress" as in "but I digress". Ugh. It makes me want to slap someone when I read it.

I took the picture of my page tonight with my old camera. It was a lot easier. It's strange holding the old camera after playing with the new one.  It seems so tiny. I remember when I bought it I thought it was so big, but it's not. It's a little baby. I still love it though...mostly because it's a lot easier to use than the fancy one. I need more practice with the fancy one..a LOT more.

Anyway, here is today's page.  In person it is more aqua, but the combination of the beige/yellow paper and the beige/yellow lighting in my apartment off set the aqua color. I tried to photoshop it back to normal but it's still not as nice as it is in person.

I'm trying this new thing where I actually name my it goes: Patterned Paper - Kathy Griffith's Scrap pad, cardstock, glue dots, Jolee's Boutique flowers

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