Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thai Chicken

I've been really into cooking this week.  Sometimes when I get depressed about not having a boyfriend, I focus on cooking.  I like to think that one day when I am married, my husband will brag to all his friends about what a good cook I am. It's probably completely anti-feminist but I don't care. 

Tonight I made Thai chicken.  It was really good..although lately I've been a bottomless pit.  All I want to do is eat..and mostly crappy food. I'm trying to hold out but right now I want to run to the corner deli, get tortilla chips and make nachos.  I'm going to be the worst pregnant woman some day. 

The Thai chicken was suprisingly easy.  First you mix asian-sesame dressing (this was surprisingly hard to find in my grocery store), peanut butter (I used the chunky kind, it's my fav),  and red pepper flakes in a bowl.  Brown chicken in a skillet and add the sauce mixture in, coating all of the chicken.  When the chicken is brown, remove it from the skillet and add in cut up red pepper and coleslaw mix.  Coat in the sauce and heat until soft, then add back in the chicken.  I let it sit on the stove for a few minutes more so it all mixes together.  I made a pound of chicken, and I ate almost the whole thing...and I still want to pizza.  What's wrong with me!

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