Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrapbook Page: Photo Booth Pictures

I promised a friend I'd watch Survivor if she watched the Amazing Race this season, so I took that as the perfect time to do some scrapbooking. I always find it's easiest to scrap during reality shows because you don't have to concentrate as hard.  It was also nice to do something creative. The next two weeks are going to be tv comes back. New TV requires a lot of planning: what to watch, what to tape, what to do if I can't tape because I'm already taping 2 things. I like to try and watch as many of the new shows as possible so I can choose what's going to be cancelled and what's going to stay. I have a 98% accuracy rating. This year is even better because I'm by myself and I don't have to share the DVR or TV with anyone..even though my mom and I have almost the same taste in she uses me as her human tv guide.

Anyway, got a little off topic. I just love TV, but you read this blog, you probably know that.  Anyway, I scrapbooked this page with pictures taken in a photobooth. There were 3 strips of photos and I put them in my scanner and made a scanned image so it was all on one sheet.  I always like black and white with a pop of color but have failed consistently to put it into a scrapbook page. This actually turned out to be a very good page. For once I'm not completely disappointed.

Apologies for cutting off the top of this. Still getting used to taking pictures instead of scanning.

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