Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slow Cooker Football Sunday: Mac & Cheese

My first ever purchase for my apartment was a Cuisinart Slow Cooker. I was so excited about the idea of throwing some shit in a pot in the morning and coming home to a fresh homecooked dinner. Unfortunately, that dream never became a reality. My slow cooker sits unused everyday next to the blender (also unused except for one time I made half a batch of way too salty margheritas).  So finally I made a decision. It's football season now (YES YES YES) and so I will be glued to my couch every Sunday...what a great time to finally use this slow cooker!

I started today off with mac and cheese using four cheeses: chedder, gruyere, mozarella and parmesan. It was good, although the gruyere is a sharp taste that I'm not so sure I'm in to. Either way, it will be my dinner for the next two nights so I better like it. It was definitely better than how the Giants played today (womp womp).  I hope the Jets are not equally as disappointing. Stay tuned, I may actually do some scrapbooking this week, tomorrow I'll showcase my best shots and next week's adventure in slow cooking will involve chicken cacciatore.

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