Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Orleans scrapbook started

I'm so tired tonight, oh my God. I feel like I haven't slept in days. I think, even though I "just" got back from vacation, I feel like I need a major vacation very very soon. It's this long stretch between President's Day and Memorial Day that KILLS. Every week you're like, wait it's a 5 day week AGAIN? Are you joking?

Anyway, I fought through the pain to start on my first scrapbook page for my New Orleans album. Let me back up for a second.  First, I got a new printer and I'm super excited about it.  I've always been pretty loyal to HP. My first photo printer was an HP. It was a monster, took up half of my desk, and it didn't even have scanner/copy capabilities.  It was awesome though - the photo quality was impressive and it lasted SO long.  I got a replacement HP a few years ago and it's been incredibly disappointing. Since the beginning the print quality was dull and muted.  Lately it only prints horizontal lines on all my photos.  It also did not have a lot of printer options in the software. It was pretty good on ink - although I hate people who complain that it "eats ink" when they review printeres. It's a photo printer..DUH. It's like the dummies who complained on bed, bath and beyond that their shower curtain gets mold on it.  Yea, it's a shower curtain,. 

Anyway, after that frustration, I did minimal research and landed on an Epson photomate. I was hesitant at first becasue I had an Epson in college that after 2 months got the "Office Space" treatment from me, but I am SO glad I made this purchase. It's easy to use, the photo software it comes with is great and the prints were AMAZING.  The ink also dried pretty fast - another problem with my old printer, my hands were always black from ink. 

So (wow this is a long entry, probably because I'm drinking) anyway, I used the photo printer tonight to make my first scrapbook page.  A real simple 10 minute page but it works out.  The scan here is a little blurry, since the St. Patrick's day logo was raised.

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