Monday, April 2, 2012

Smashing Good Monday

I've decided not to include New Orleans in my smashbook. I want this book to simply be about my every day life and I will keep vacations as separate albums. I wanted to start on that album tonight but my printer made that decision for me. It has decided that printing photos is no longer part of its job description.  All my photos come out with horizontal lines across them. I followed all the troubleshooting steps on the help website but still no luck fixing it.  I purchased a new mini photo printer - the kind that prints 4x6 at the largest. This seems like an odd decision for a scrapbooker but I rarely print above that size. If anything, I print more wallet size prints than large scale prints.  Another factor - I'm picking up in store and I cant carry a large printer home. I'm a small girl!

Anyway, I still wanted to be somewhat creative tonight, so I added another page in my scrapbook.  My parents took me to see Wicked and out to dinner for my birthday. I love broadway and this is the second show I'm scrapbooking this year (and still not the last, as my mom and I always go to a show for her birthday in July).

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