Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smashbook Sunday: GIrl Crush

Ooo, blogger has a new look. It's very nice, I like it. It makes me feel a little less old school writing a blog. Sorry I've disappeared for a bit...don't know who I'm apologizing to since no one reads this..maybe just myself.  I've been lazy and I hate when I'm lazy. It's so hard to motivate sometimes. 

I booked my next vacation (yay) so now I REALLY need to finish up the New Orleans album. Next vacation: Alaska (!) in June.  Adventure vacation here we come.

I might work on a page or two tonight. Trying very hard to motivate!  For now, I just did a page in my Smashbook. I cut out a picture of Alison Brie for my "girl crush" page.  I love that she's pretty and ridiculous. I want to make the next page "boy crush" but I'm not sure who to put there yet. We'll see...

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