Monday, June 25, 2012

Back from Alaska and Contemplating New Crafts And Ideas

Back from Alaska!!  The trip was fantastic.  I've never been on such an adventurous vacation before - biking, hiking, white water rafting, boat tours, bus tours and bears!  I actually was smart on this vacation and bought scrapbooking materials in Alaska. It's so hard to find a lot of travel materials for specific places in Michael's.  I got an Alaska photo album binder that I'm going to turn into a scrapbook. I also got a bunch of Alaska themed stickers. I get so excited about stickers, maybe too excited?

One of the things I loved about Alaska was all the artisans and small craft stores. Sure we have craft stores and artists in New York but its not the same. It's too expensive and commercialized.  Sure, you can find some really interesting artists at our craft and street fairs, but most people go to those for the funnel cake and curly fries.  Alaska inspired me to start trying new crafts.  Two crafts I've always wanted to get good at are quilting and art journals/book binding.  We went to a few fabric stores and I bought two small quilting kits to get started.  Actually get started this time, not just stare at.  

Anyway, before the new crafts and Alaska book get started, I need to finish this New Orleans album.  I don't have very many pictures left so I think I can finish within the next week. That's the plan anyway. 

Here is a bit of a page I did before vacation:

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