Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moving Closer to New Craft Goals

It's disgustingly hot out this weekend - 95+.  I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, so it's not pleasant.  There are a handful of days that I actually wish I had air conditioning, that's the reason I didn't feel it was necessary to pay for it.  I did a lot of cooling activities - walked around the Duane Reade, hung out in Best Buy, hung out in Starbucks, got an iced drink, bought ice cream, took cold shower, etc.  The best activity is just sitting on my couch with two fans pointed at me and not moving.  Usually I retreat to my parents house on the beach but unfortunately I had some birthday events to attend this weekend.  I'll be there soon enough for 4th of July. 

Speaking of sitting on my couch, today I watched two documentaries I checked out at the library (I love love love the library).  One has no relevance to this blog at all because it was about food stamps, but it was pretty interesting. The other was about art quilting.  I mentioned one of my goals is to finally start quilting and this PBS special made me want to start even more.  Some of the quilters used unconventional materials like candy wrappers, paper, or construction fencing.  Others used the art of fusing to make quilt designs.  It was so fascinating.  I need to learn basic, traditional quilting first of course.  I don't currently own a sewing machine. I'm also not so good at learning things on my own, so I'm going to look into quilting classes in the city.  

Speaking of classes, I signed up today for a mixed media - collage and assembly beginners class.  It's a one day class and was pretty affordable. The only downside was that it was in Brooklyn but I feel that is kind of inevitable. All the good craft/art classes are in Brooklyn. There is a bigger artist community there.  I am excited to take it. Collaging has always been one of my favorite types of art. It's the reason I became interested in scrapbooking after a brief run with decoupage.  I feel like a class would really enhance my knowledge and skills.  I'm excited for it. It's not for a few weeks. 

I think this is the longest entry I've ever written in this blog.  I did work on my smash book as well.  I made a page with a movie stub (men in black 3, surprisingly good), the cover of my apple manual, and a great quote I found on Facebook.  The other side is another "girl crush" page, this time with Emma Stone.  I read an interview with her in New York magazine and fell even more in love with her.  Still need to find a way to take the photos without the dark shadow of my arm looming over them. 

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