Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smashbook Tuesday

I should really think of more creative titles for these entries. Oh well. 

I was going to do a smash book page today using photos from recent nights out but unfortunately I bought the wrong printer ink cartridge. So frustrating. I'll have to go to Staples tomorrow and hope they have the one I need.  I hate going to Staples because they keep all the printer ink behind the counter. Then you have to ask the associate to get it for you and even if you have the exact name and number, it still takes them forever to find it.  I don't really like going to any store where I need to ask an associate for help. I know that's what they are there for, but I'd rather they left me alone.  Possibly snobby or possibly I hate awkwardly talking to strangers. 

Anyway, instead I did a page using an ad I ripped out of a magazine a few weeks ago. I loved the little boy in this ad with Muhammad Ali. I hate that the ad is for Louis Vuitton. I'm sure all boxers come into the ring with a Louis bag.  Actually, that wouldn't really surprise me. 

The picture is dark, all attempts to lighten it were made in vain. I promise I'm going to get better at taking pictures of my pages. It's on my list of things. 

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