Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Scrapbook and Smashbook

I felt a little more inspired this afternoon so I made both a scrapbook page and a smashbook page.  I love the smash book page that I made, I'm eh on the Alaska page.  It looked different in my head.  Oh well. I took the day off tomorrow and along with a bit of shopping, I'm also planning on doing a lot of crafting. Maybe I'll even start exploring my sewing machine.

The scrapbook page is the beginning of our bus trip through Denali National Park.  I used the map as the background but I think I needed a bit more embellishment. 

The smash book page is my night out Friday. When I went to Michael's the other day I bought a few kits that have complimentary papers. Makes it a lot easier to scrap quickly.  

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