Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Smashbook: Catching up with apple picking

So I completed my goal (kind of): I finished my Alaska scrapbook......ish.  I did the final page tonight, but I decided I have still have so many guides, business cards, leaflets, etc. left that I want to make a few more collage pages to complete it.  For the most part though, I'm done and I feel satisfied. 

I'll show the Alaska pages later in the week, but tonight I want to go back to my Smash book. I am a bit behind on it.  Tonight, I scrapped our apple picking trip from a few weeks ago.  The patterns in the smash book weren't ideal so I did some reupholstering.  I bought Halloween paper on sale last year after Halloween and used the apple pages for the background. 

I think the patterned scissor I used behind the fall festival picture was a bit corny for the page.     It felt maybe a bit elementary for my taste. I want my scrapbooking to evolve over the years and these two pages don't give me that feeling.  Maybe I'm just too hard on myself. 

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