Monday, October 15, 2012

Alaska life savers

Tonight I learned how hard it is to glue pictures with a bandaid on your finger.  My finger probably didn't need to be bandaged, but I had a hangnail that was bleeding a bit. Then I had a vision of glue and other scrapbook related chemicals getting into the cut and giving me some sort of rare glue poisoning and on my tombstone it would read  DIed of Hangnail. Better to be safe than sorry. 

I actually really love the page I did tonight. This page is about when we made it to the visitor center in Denali.  There was a bear nearby and everyone stopped to take pictures of it since it was so close. I took the time to sneak off to the bathroom. When I came out, I couldn't find anyone and momentarily panicked that the bus left without me. Then I heard my friends calling, apparently the bear started coming towards them and they all ran into the bus.  We were then told to go to the roof of the visitor center and we watched the forest ranger clear the trails as the bear headed in that direction.   As the ranger was leading people off the trail, we saw a man walking on the trail above the bear, and the bear was slowly headed in that direction. We tried getting the ranger's attention, but suddenly a woman ran forward screaming BRENT! BRENT! Turns out that guy was her fiance.  We all screamed at him until he finally looked over and saw us pointing. It took a while but he finally understood and turned around.  The ranger also realized what was going on.  Life: saved. 

This is the page about the event. I don't generally do journaling because I find it a bit corny and forced, but this story needed to be told.  So I took a design I actually used earlier in this album and made it better. The captions and title of the page are all typed using "felt marker" font.  I also had this "wild bear: danger" sticker that worked perfectly with the page.  I really like it. 

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