Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun with Fake Photoshop

I'm still trying to find my creative spirit. I honestly did not want to do anything tonight except watch tv, but I did not want to disappoint my two faithful readers.  However, I have no urge to scrapbook, needlepoint, sew, collage or take photos. So what creative endeavor could I complete?  Editing.

I always get upset when I see people's pictures on facebook and they all look awesome! Mine always come out slightly blurry, too dark or I'm making a stupid face.  I soon realized that a lot of my friends edit their photos before posting them to amke them look like excellent photographers.  While this can't fix my stupid faces, it can help the blurriness and the darkness.

Unfortunately I don't have a fancy Mac with the photo editing ability and my last computer died and took my adobe photoshop software with it.  All is not lost though because I discovered an excellent (free) website called   It allows you to upload photos and do most of the editing I was doing in Adobe Photoshop Elements.  So I took a few pictures of my parents' adorable dog Oliver and edited them using the website:

Original Photo
  I tried to counteract the dullness of the photo by over-saturating the color

I used a boost effect to enhance the colors

Again, I tried to sharpen the colors to reduce the blurriness of the orignal photo

I'm definitely going to be using this software a lot more. It'll be awesome if I ever get motivated to scrapbook again.  Now, I need to learn how to line up pictures correctly in this blog.  I tried to place the photos next to each other but they just overlapped. 

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