Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scrapbook Page: Polar Bear Swim

I love scrapbooking in my new apartment because the entire living room becomes my work space.  Originally I bought an adorable writing desk to be my soul scrap space.  It has space for all my pens and the desk pulls out for a full working area.  I was used to working in my bedroom at my parent's house.  All I had was a big black desk.  I usually listened to the radio because my back faced the tv (and it was an ancient tv, so from certain angles you can't even see the screen clearly). 

When I started working in my apartment I realized it was so much easier to use the computer/printer at the writing desk, but the actual scrapping at my coffee table (in front of the tv) and all the paper slicing at the dining room table (which is in my living room).  All my supplies are in the hall closet, except for the paper..that's in a basket next to the TV.  I really know how to take over the space.  I feel like I scrap more efficiently now though because I can really spread out. I can find all my supplies and I don't miss my favorite tv shows (tv always trumped scrapbooking back in the day). 

Anyway, tonight I did a page about our annual polar bear dip.  I love how the page turned out in the end, but I realized as I was putting it together that I need to start sketching my layouts.  I mentally measured all the pictures wrong so I improvised a bit.  I've never been good at sketching..I'm incredibly impatient.

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