Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I decided to scrap a page to remind me of warmer days....or last Friday when the weather spiked to a beautiful 61 degrees before taking a Shaq sized fall back to the 20s.  My friend and I ate a delicious margarita lunch and took a stroll through Central Park. I've lived in New York my entire life and I'm rarely in Central Park.  I always forget that there's a zoo there that was unfortunately closed by the time we strolled over but we still got to see the seals!  I love the zoo. It doesn't matter where I go if I find out there's a zoo nearby I need to go to it. 

Anyway, I put together this page with a few random pictures I took on our walk: one of the seals, one of the red fortune cookies we got at Bloomingdale's (that tasted oddly like candy but disappointedly had a fortune instructing us to go to a makeup counter in the store) and trio of musicians. 

This page actually took a really long time to put together. I ran out of my favorite glue.  That sounds ridiculous but glue tape runner is the BEST glue in the world.  It works like white-out tape. Does anyone use white-out anymore? Remember how gross the Liquid Paper brand was, it got all clumpy and nasty if you left it slightly open and all the girls used to use it to paint their nails white during class. Then when you tried to use it it would run all over the page and you'd either end up with an ant-hill size clump of white on the page or whiting out the word above and below it as well. Then they came out with the white-out tape that was revolutionary.  You could white out in a straight line.  Then you know, the delete button on computers was invented so...
Anyway, glue runner is essentially the same thing except it's clear and it's glue.  It makes it so easy to glue paper together without it getting all wrinkly and gross.  I ran out tonight and resorted to the glue stick...I smell a trip to Michael's in my future.

Sorry this picture scanned a little blurry. Also all the embellishments were in zip lock bags so I don't know the brands of anything.

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