Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get the Red Out

Does getting my hair done count as a creative endeavor? I'm going to count it because that's all I did yesterday (besides go to work).  I've been dying my hair since I was around 15 years old. I've been every shade of red and brown, highlighted blonde and accidental orange.  I started going to a real salon my junior year of college to get blonde highlights then on a whim I asked my hairdresser to dye my hair red. That was 3 years ago.  Most of the people at my current job think I'm a natural redhead but I'm not.  I'm not even Irish.

I made the executive decision 2 weeks ago that it was time to go brunette after yet another person called out on the street "HEY RED".  I officially made an appointment when another person told me I looked like Bryce Dallas Howard from Twilight.  I went to a new hairdresser as mine outwardly refused to ever dye my hair anything but red.  The new guy was initially terrified to dye my hair assuming the red was a natural color but in the end he realized I was right. See before and after pics (also note, I actually have super curly hair but for comparison pics I'm using two straight hair photos).

For those of you who are curious.  My natural hair color can be seen here:
I feel like a completely new person.  It's funny how hair can make you feel different.  I can't wait to see it when it's curly again.  Unlike everyone else, I hate when my hair is straight.  I think it brings out every imperfection in my face and makes me look too much like my mom. 

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