Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scrapbook Page: Hair Makeover

As I said earlier I've been working on a page about my recent makeover.  By "working on" I, of course, mean "thinking about."  I thought about it enough though and today I actually put something together.  I kept it really simple, making the patterned paper the majority of the embellishing.

(my scanner likes a nice white box at the end of all the scans).  Supplies used: Background Cardstock: Me and My Big Ideas, Cardstock other: DCWV, Letters: Momenta, Flowers: Kelly Fanacci, Font: Jokerman

I love to scrapbook while watching Glee, especially when it's a Justin Bieber episode. What can I say?  I love the Biebs!  Plus it's light and easy to follow while I concentrate on something else.  Not the best idea to follow it with a tape of Hawaii 5.0, although I didn't need to concentrate too hard on that...SPOILER ALERT once I found out that Nick Lachey was the special guest star (with his fiance Vanessa Minillo - even worse) I knew he was the one who did it.  Crime shows should never use celebrities - it always ruins the ending.

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