Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wish I Could Capture All Funny Moments on Film

I started to work on a scrapbook page tonight but it's not finished.  I don't like to post unfinished pages. The page is about my hair makeover that I blogged about a few posts back.  As I was going through all my pictures I started thinking about all the moments I don't catch on film but wish I did.

Today, for example, I decided to purchase a ladder so I can finally change the lightbulb in my kitchen.  I bought a ladder about the size of myself, hauled it on the subway and the few blocks to my apartment. The whole time I was thinking I wish someone was taking a picture of me right now. I also wish I got a picture of my dad's face when I told him the story over the phone.

Another moment I wish was captured on film was on New Year's Eve.  The evening was just OK, there's a few pictures from the bar that night but I wish I had pictures of the slumber party with my best friend afterwards.  Not only did we eat a weird combination of Trader Joe foods, as I was pulling out the futon the entire thing flipped up and I fell right off.

The best moments in life are almost never captured: the laughs, the embarrassments and our silly decisions...but I am grateful for the memories.  And for the times you can capture spontaneous moments:

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