Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As promised I was more creative tonight than a silly orville reddenbacher commercial (although it's still making me laugh).  Still working through those Germany pictures.  There's so many of them and I don't think it's right to only pick a few. I have plenty of paper. I'm always afraid to use my good paper or my good scrapbooking stuff but I need to get over that. I paid for it and its useless sitting in a basket in my living room.

Tonight I scrapbooked pictures of the Berlin bears. When we first got to Berlin, we decide to walk down the big shopping area.  I noticed all these silly animated statues and started taking pictures of them.  Then as we went on tours and explored other areas of Berlin...I saw the bears everywhere. Apparently the bear is the symbol of Berlin although I honestly can't remember why. Walking tours are always interesting but I barely ever retain any of the information.

Here is the layout then. If you have a sharp memory you will notice that the paper I used on the left side was also used in my last Berlin page.  I try to save and use all my scraps...although most of the time I just end up with a giant pile of half cut up paper...that I eventually discard.

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