Monday, June 20, 2011

Trying to Get Creative Again

Ack, I burned my wrist pretty bad tonight when hot oil splashed back up at me.  It was completely my stupidity.  The oil was still steaming hot when I tried to pour a teaspoon of water into the pan. It made a nice little fire ball in the kitchen. Thank goodness I only got oil splatter burns. Painful, but not serious.

On a lighter note, I actually did some scrapbooking tonight.  I really am trying to write in this blog everyday even though I don't have much of a following.  I wish I did. I wish there were comments from supportive strangers but there's not and that's OK. I really want to write in it everyday because it helps me focus on doing at least one creative thing during the day. It keeps my brain stimulated...and God knows it needs stimulating after I kill it every weekend with alcohol, fatty foods and tv marathons. 

Still scrapbooking my Germany pictures. Hopefully I'll finish them before my next vacation.  Slow and steady.

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