Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scribble Books

I'm going to share a secret with you.  I keep a scribble book.  I hide it when people come over, but it's true.  What? You don't know what a scribble book is?  It's exactly as it sounds. A book with scribbles...my innermost scribbles. 

There's a picture of my scribble book.  In it I write down things I want to do, random ideas I have (even if they are in no way feasible), I sketch for scrapbook layouts, I cut out things from magazines that I want or write quotes I like.  As a kid, I was a total notebook hoarder. I loved to doodle or write my name over and over again.  As I got older, I still secretly liked to cut things out and paste them into the notebook or write my thoughts down (I keep a journal but this is more of a list version of silly ideas). 

Then I stopped writing because I was embarrassed and thought there was no point in doing it.  I don't know why I was embarrassed, no one saw me writing in it. I'm silly like that i guess. Now I love writing in it and jotting notes.  I heard a quote once that "a dream not written down is merely a wish." I think that's true. I find that when I write down something that I want to own or do in it, the universe brings them to me (or opportunities to get them).  I wrote down I wanted to take pole dancing class, and a week later there was a Groupon for pole dancing class. I wrote down countries I want to visit and sometime later my friend told me about the Contiki travel group.  I guess it's kind of like The Secret...although I don't think I can cure cancer by watching a lot of Charlie Chaplin movies.

I thought I'd share my scribble book with my reader(s) because I think everyone should have one. Perhaps you recall one of the most famous scribble books...Leonardo Da Vinci's? 
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 It's fun and relaxing! I put the silliest things in it from "I want a new teapot" to a cut out of the USA with states colored in that I've been to to a cut out of an engagement ring from a magazine. :)

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